Design Automation

Design Automation

Design automation is the automatic completion of design work by software, allowing users to design and deliver products faster by removing the manual work traditionally required to create visual output. Design automation closes the loop between sales, engineering, and production teams, avoiding engineering bottlenecks and reducing errors.

Get started with design automation

Mylotec uses Automation tools offered in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection are designed to be a scalable solution that matures as you reach your goals. Products in the collection can help to define rules that drive custom product configurators, drawing creation, toolpaths, simulation setup, and more.

Benefits of design automation

Design automation lets you capture and reuse engineering knowledge and intent. Automation not only helps reduce errors and time spent on tedious, repetitive modeling tasks but can also be scaled to streamline downstream development processes.

Design more efficiently.
Rapidly configure products.
Accelerate handoff to manufacturing.

Why Design Automation Is Important?

The obvious reason why automation is important is to save time and use an old cliche as time is money.

Built-in automation for drawing views already reduces a lot of errors but by going one step further and using customized templates further errors can be reduced.

Technical documentation and a clear design methodology rely on consistency throughout departments and design teams.

Automation is a huge opportunity to speed up and make your design process dynamic. From re-using design data to create new models to writing Macros and saving processes to reduce modeling time, the benefit to a company or design team is huge.

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